There is a path to a well-designed Medicare for All plan that can provide affordable healthcare to everyone.

Core elements of our M4A plan

OUR M4A PLANHow can this work? See for yourself and read our full comprehensive analysis or take a quick look at our executive summary, brief outline or basic elements. To get a snapshot of the benefits of our Medicare for All plan, check out our fact sheet.

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WHO WE ARE: Our seasoned team with years of hands-on experience in healthcare and business can provide answers because of our thorough working knowledge of how and why our current system does not work, and how a less complex healthcare plan can affordably provide better care that benefits everyone. (Find out about us.)

Promoting a universal healthcare plan that workers, businesses, and taxpayers can afford.

ACAMFA’s 8-point Path to Universal Healthcare

1. Encourage expansion of Medicaid in all 50 states.
2. Make Obamacare more affordable and easier to understand.
3. Lower drug prices using a proven model.
4. Introduce an affordable public option administered by Medicare—no deductibles, phase out copayments, cover more services.
5. Eliminate tax subsidies that favor private insurance plans to encourage enrollment in the public option.
6. Monitor and adjust designs to optimize the path to universal healthcare.
7. Merge all public health insurance into Medicare.

8. After transition period, begin automatic enrollment in Medicare. This will create and efficient single-payer system--Medicare for All--that will benefit everyone by improving health and productivity and decreasing costs.

Details of 8-point Path to Universal Health Care